Tuesday 5 November 2013

Learning something new: Adobe Illustrator

I am learning to use Illustrator and even though i have ghost-designed a few wedding cards and some other random stuff in the past... this is my first attempt at creating something using the software...

I made this poster for my friend Arundati, who is a blogger, a trainer, a culinary expert and my go-to for most things baking.

{Only 1 seat left for the next session... contact A if you want to sign up.}

What do you think people? Please, for once, don't be silent... and leave a comment on this post... I know a lot of you read this blog and share your feedback one-to-one with me... but i really need your support here... so please don't be shy...!!

PS: If you need a poster or something that requires the use of Illustrator or some such software, feel free to get in touch with me.

PPS: A previous post on A's baking session and what i thought of it.


  1. You know what I think of this! and others have noticed too... couldn't help looking back on those pictures of that earlier class and realise how far I have come!

    1. Yes... so you have.... and you are amazing at it... so keep going... am in your corner. Always. :) And i think so have i... Pretty proud of myself too!! :D Glad i started doing this!!

  2. Hi Ambica! The poster looks really pretty, especially the orange part on top!


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