Thursday 20 June 2013

Puppy love: Meet Raju and the story of other strays

Every morning, on my way to Yoga, i see beautiful dogs foraging in rubbish piles for food. I stop sometimes to give them biscuits but i know it is not enough. All of these dogs are well-behaved and friendly. I go all week-kneed and misty-eyed and just don't know what i can do to help. Some of them wear collars which some stranger put on them to protect them.  

A couple of weeks ago i was introduced to Raju. The mutt was adopted from the street by Santosh bhai, one of the supervisors at the factory. Raju lives in the factory, is loved by more than the 60-odd employees working there, plays in the factory and the grounds, and is taken care off.

And did I tell you about Tommy, the cantakerous dog that the people at my uncle's office adopted? I think his previous owners abused him and then threw him out on the streets. He barks and bites and is cranky but is still fed and cared for even though he may not be loved or petted by too many folks.

Why don't more people adopt mongrels? They are cute, friendly, and very, very, resilient. Maybe someone will use a mongrel in a movie or a TV advert and then this no-breed dog will get to be in demand. 

Hats off to people like Santosh bhai and Mahesh (who adopted Singh) who have very large hearts. 

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