Tuesday 7 May 2013

Hosting a party and my food menu

We have a family kitty that has 13 people. We meet once every month, talk, play two rounds of tombola, another game that the host decides, munch snacks, chat some more, make silly jokes, eat some more, and then maybe play teen patti for a bit. It's a nice way for the family to meet and hangout.

Yesterday was my turn to host the kitty party. I decided the menu on Wednesday, did the grocery shopping on Friday (where an idiot bumped into my car and scared me of out of my life) and started the prep on Saturday evening.

But i was nervous as hell.

Saturday night, i was so anxious, i couldn't sleep. I was worried that, both the quantity and the quality would fall short. And then i was worried people would not turn up because i have only attended 3 of the 11 so far because of all the travelling i have been doing.

Also, for the first time in my life, a lot of the dishes on the menu were things i was going to try out for the first time... yikes! Was i even thinking?

Here's what i served: 

Welcome Drink - Ginger and Lemon Drink | Strawberry Sherbet
Starters - Stir-fry potatoes | Green Moong Sundal | Spicy Baby Corn Fritters
Main Course - Paneer Mutter Butter Masala | Aloo Fry | Kalonji Parathas | Mango Rice | Curd Rice
Dessert - No Bake Mango Cheesecake | Fudge Fingers

The Details:

Ginger and Lemon Drink - This was fabulous and totally refreshing. Everyone had 3-4 glasses of this, if not more. I pre-made the ginger-lemon mix so it was easier to serve.

Strawberry Sorbet - This was everyone's second-fav drink! My father got me a bottle of Strawberry Crush from a recent visit to Mahabaleshwar, so this was a no-brainer. I tanged it with a little lemon juice that intensified the flavor of the strawberry.

Stir-fry potatoes - I learnt this from Aru and has been a party favorite of mine for like 4 parties now. Potatoes and onions fried with garlic in olive oil. I add soya sauce, vinegar, all purpose sauce, salt, chilli flakes and honey to make it. Will share the recipe soon.

Green Moong Sundal - I possibly serve this at every party i host. So simple, so healthy, so tasty. Will share the recipe soon.

Spicy Baby Corn Fritters - The best version i have tried so far. Again, not too many ingredients but very delicious. You could use the same dip with bread slices, potato or paneer fritters.

Paneer Mutter Butter Masala - Took forever to make but was worth every minute of the cooking time. Finger-licking delicious.

Aloo fry - Boiled and peeled potatoes, stir fried in oil and spices. Had to make this for my father who may not have eater paneer.

Mango Rice - A spicy, tangy rice that i totally love. In my enthusiasm i made far too much and the mango was not too sour.

Tempered Curd Rice - I wont be modest here - my version of it is simply fab. Perfect after all the spices. Will share the recipe soon.

No bake mango cheesecake - I had to make a mango dessert. Everyone loved it. I made it in individual plastic cups to make the serving easier.

Chocolate fudge fingers - No one had room for this but they still tried it or took some home. And again, everyone loved it.

Everyone had a fab time and the guests actually helped clear up!

Other tid-bits that i want to share:
Tarla Dalal's recipes have never failed me, so i chose most of the recipes from her website.
This was the first time i used Saee's recipe and it was perfect. Hugs to you Saee, your blog is lovely.
Almost made this from Chinmayie's Love Food Eat - saved it for another time.
Thanks Du and Chi for the help. Couldn't have made it without.
We played cards after, where i lost money, like i usually do :(


  1. longest post you have written i think... and awww... i got a mention!

    1. there was another one i wrote that was longer - http://ambicasrimal.blogspot.in/2009/09/raam-esis.html


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