Monday 22 April 2013

Shop Online at Done By None

Remember I shared this lovely site that fulfills my foot fetish called The Sole Sisters? This is one of the sandals i saw there and loved. I hopped on to DoneByNone, the source of this lovely pair. They also have a lovely name - Rio De Rocco Heels :)

You can find some really cool cool clothes, shoes, bags and trinkets as very decent prices.

I really want to get these wedges but i have promised myself i wouldn't buy any more shoes unless i get rid of a few pairs. I can only make an exception for a pair that is silver or gold... do you think that band there qualifies as gold? 

The Material Girl who makes silly vows


  1. i bought these... they are pretty but not the most comfortable... felt cheated

    1. uh oh! guess that's the downside of buying footwear online... i saw these very pretty wedges at Westside but they weren't comfy either :( but they were really really gorgeous...


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