Friday 19 April 2013

Plants in a glass bottle

My balcony looks like this right now. Just right now because these bottles will all go to different parts of the house as the sun is too strong right now. But the day the weather changes,  i will display them so in my balcony.


The blue bottle is my favorite, a vodka bottle from Uzbekistan.  The transparent one is a vase that i purchased for less than a 100 bucks more than 5 years ago. The green is a wine bottle that i added mod podged with crochet doilies. Then there is the test tube in an iron holder. The beer bottle needs no explaining :)

The plants are all gifts from my mother.

The bricks, i got from a construction site i visit frequently.

The iron mice - they are bookends and a gift from N. But i like them in my balcony more.

The little white bottle has shells around it and a candle inside. But strong winds blow the candle off. I should get a hurricane lamp maybe!

The balcony is very pleasant in the evening with plenty of breeze. There are two mudas and a little coffe table there as well. But tit's still a WIP... I'd like to add a lamp, a little carved wooden shelf that i am painting, some wall art, a wind chime and also paint the said coffee table... so you will probably get to see more projects in the coming days :)

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