Friday 22 March 2013

Weekly Challenge #4 Blog Overhaul, E1

This one is a mammoth task death wish. 

I just started doing something that has been on my mind since a long time now. Yes, most of the things i take up as a challenge will be things that are long over-due... so over-due that they are almost nearing their expiry date ;)

I have wanted to clean / unclutter the contents on this blog since quite a while now but this one is too big a challenge. Neither can i give up the thought. So i decided to break the process into little bits and start small.

Unfortunately, the first part of the process is the biggest... there are more than 750 posts and i have started the process of relabeling the content on my blog. A lot of the labels are redundant,  some have got mixed up, and few dont make sense at all. The only way to do this is to read each post and then label it afresh.

Wish me luck . And please don't think i am nuts... I am an organizing freak, i know, but we all have our little quirks, don't we?

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