Wednesday, 28 November 2012

And presenting: The Sunny Side Up Office in Bangalore

I was in rainy chilly Bengaluru for ten days this month for I was commissioned to do up an advertising office. Sunny Side Up opened it's first ever branch out of Hyderabad and they found a lovely space for it. Of course the previous tenants had kind of left it in a sorry state and a lot of money went in undoing the damage and touching up :(. And of course I had a really tight budget :( But in my usual never say die spirit i rushed in fool-steam and did the best i could, using color, fabric and a little ingenuity to make things a little happy and sunny. 

So without further ado, here are the not-so-great pics coz they have been taken with an iPhone. (Thanks Sameep!)

One: The workspace, where people are going to be working. 

Blinds / Tackboards: The tackboards are bright and colorful and a little cutesy with dots, fishes et al but don't tell the boys that! Fabric @65 a meter. From the Srirampura wholesale market in Bangalore.
Chairs: Featherlite. You need comfy chairs to sit in all day long and these have been tried and tested. 
Tables: I designed the tables and had them made by a carpenter who drove me up the wall to complete it. It has steel legs and on the front, two drawers and is fixed onto the wall.
Clock: From Sunday Soul Sante
Dustbins: Aluminum buckets painted green.
Wall art: A tangram gun that Sameep has to fix. 
From Wundershop: A moo-ing multicolored wall hanging that can be used to store small things in. (Not in picture)

Two: The entrance / lobby 

The lobby is painted the brand color - Sunny Yellow.
Curtains: One side is denim, the other set is this awesome bird print. All from Srirampura for 120 a meter
Bench: From Fab Home on Infantry Road, 15000
Red Chairs: From the shop on right next to Fab Home, 2500 apiece
Rug: Mrignayanee, for 2600
Cushion covers: Fabric from Infantry road, 60 a meter
Red bench in empty space 2: refurbished.
Stools: Featherlite, 850 apiece
On the wall: and my favorite part... a giant tangram you can have fun with. It's magnetic and you can create any shape you like!

Three: Discussion room and pantry

The pantry is WIP and only the basic has been done. There is a small table with place for one person to eat, colorful curtain and placemats, a shelf has been made to store essentials.

The discussion room has a small round table with 4 chairs, lime-green curtains, a tack board covered with a
colorful dotted fabric and a white board fashioned out of an acrylic sheet.

(Phew! This post took longer for me to write than it took for me to do the office. It's been in the drafts folder since forever now!!)

This was another fun project i got to do. The budget wasn't big, but i had a free hand which more than makes up for everything!

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