Thursday 28 June 2012

Bored of Facebook?

Many years ago i had a Facebook account. Then it got too complicated to use and i kinda got fed up of it, so i closed the FB account and stuck to networking on Orkut. Then i heard about this amazing game called Prolific and reopened the account. I'd play for hours together and never looked at anything. This was about 2-odd years ago. Then i became, what you may call, hyper-active. Updating status, commenting, liking, feeling envy about everyone's picture perfect work and personal lives and sometimes deriving voyeuristic pleasure. Suddenly, i have reached a stage where i login to FB as a matter of duty, read a few updates and log off. I still can't get myself to close the account but yes, it's kind of become boring to FB these days...

{So that's my good-for-nothing rant for the day. To read Tech-savvy butterfly's, head to this blog.} 

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