Friday, 29 June 2012

20 ways to find your calling

And i thought Forbes only had boring articles on money and business and all such (Don't judge me by that... i am allowed to be d-uh sometimes, aint i?).

So anyways, i came across this interesting article written and drawn by Jessica Hagy that can help put some perspective on career and work, if you are looking for it.

{I liked it. You may too. Read 20 ways to find your calling here.}

PS: My favorite point was the one she first makes... do share what you liked or didn't. }


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  2. Hey Ambica,

    This one nailed it!I figured after a lull that "something to do " is what keeps me buzzing..and you have somewhere to go and some one to love.. Boy, do you want anything else:)and yeah some dough would be nice :)



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