Friday 25 May 2012

The rest of the Ultraviolet story

Before i begin, i must warn you the pictures are no good... i made the mistake of not clicking them when the work was over... and by the time the people and their baggage came... everything was in chaos and there are some areas i could not take a picture of at all.

These are the pics i took when the work was done and i was tired... but that's all i have with me to share now. (Raam, how i wish you were around!)

Cabin 1: Art on the wall from Chor Bazaar - old prints ads, a hanging lamp, a floating shelf, dotted fabric soft boards, black furniture and a lime green door. And a bottle with fresh flowers.

Cabin 2: Similar but the art on the wall is slightly different. Marilyn Monroe for Vibhaas and old tin adverts for Dheeraj.

And those little posters on the soft board that you can barely see... every team member of UV got one. A movie poster for each person, laminated and pinned on their workstation. Vibhaas' says Main Azaad Hoon and Dheeraj's is Mother India. All the others got interesting ones like these... like for the accountant we got Khazana, for someone else we got Jaadugar, for another we got a Bond movie poster...

That's the way to the washroom. On the wall is a framed poster of RK's 'Ab Dilli Door Nahin'. On the right, old relevant ads and on the door, a framed piece of paper that says - 'Flushing, via Harwich'...

A Staedtler pencil on the divider, a workstation with its printed fabric softboard, the pantry with its Chevron curtains beyond, and the green walls that lead to the wash room - some of the little things that made a big difference.

More wall art. On top is my favorite... graffiti hand-drawn by Vibhaas using just two HB pencils. Below is a collection of beer coasters, sourced from Chor Bazar, that have been mounted on yellow chambray and hung on a green wall in the breakaway zone. There is going to be a wall mounted TV, some denim bean bags and a rug in that space.

So that's the UV office... what do you think? I wish i had been able to take more comprehensive pictures of the larger spaces, but honestly, there were boxes strewn everywhere and till the time i left the team had not managed to sort it out...

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  1. Lovely. Would really love to work in a space that's so bright, cheerful and charming.


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