Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Another styling project: The Ultraviolet office at Mumbai

I recently helped style an advertising office in Mumbai. Here's a preview of the 1000 square foot space... this is what it looks like now, when you open the door and step in.

I have used three colors - white, grey and lime green (you know, i like that pop of color!).

The client loved it, my family and friends loved it and i hope you will too... more pictures and details coming soon... i promise.

This kept me busy the last two weeks and the reason why i haven't been around much lately... But now that i am back, you will see me around more often than you'd like.

Hope all's well with you.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Anil! Watch this space for more...

  2. lovely! and congratulations babe.... so proud... btw, where are the rest of the pics? and why wasnt i on the friends who loved it list?

    1. Thanks sweetie! The rest of the pics coming up soon... and as for that list - u'd have had to be in Mumbai to be in that list. But you know you are on the 'friends i know who will love it' list!


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