Thursday 26 April 2012

Resume services, or not

Recently, my cousin sought professional help for her resume from a recruitment site, from one of the premier job search sites in India. This is like her first resume and i was the one who advised her to get help.

The resume per se was not bad, but it's amazing how easily they made the truth appear so unbelievable with half-sentences and incomplete information! I called to ask her why she had embellished her resume with half-truths and she was like this is all true! Believable, because i have never known her to lie. And she gave me details about everything mentioned.

Am i just hard-to-convince or are resume-writing services really just sub-standard?

What's this, now?

  • Holds the distinction of undergoing Radio Ad & a Print Ad.
  • Bagged an award for Dramatics.
  • Stellar role in enrolling in a Personality Development Course.
  • Pro-actively participated in social service. (Kindly confirm)

Have you ever used a resume-writing service? Do you have any recommendations?

{Love this resume i found on Pinterest. I have come across many colorful, fancy resumes but most if them have been terrible. This one is so beautiful. It's just perfect. What do you think?}

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