Saturday, 14 April 2012

Inorbit, Shilparamam Night Bazaar and meeting a fortune teller

Last evening i met Yamini for a spot of shopping.

First stop was Mark's and Spencers for innerwear.  Ever since i have discovered it, i have been in love with their range. Whether you want lacy or plain jane, they have the best range and the staff is pretty helpful. And if you are there, go check out their swimwear. A little expensive but so sexy! And with details like tummy control, just what a girl needs. And the linen pants too... perfect summer casuals.

We then headed to the terrace of Chilly's for some refreshments. We girls do like to drink in the afternoon / early evening. We discovered they have Happy Hours, where you get one plus one free, it turned out to be a good call. *Hic*

We then spotted a fortune teller and got our future revealed. The most memorable part of the evening was when he asked my age, he did a double take. Literally. He actually thought i was kidding him. Right now i am still so happy! Oh and he did reveal a lot about my personality and Y's too - both true. And a little about what the future holds.

After spending half an hour in the most insane traffic jam we headed to Shilparamam. Which was terribly disappointing. A ghost of its former shelf, it's no wonder the place was almost empty. And the Shilparamam Night Bazaar, it's a joke. I actually wanted to go ask for a refund for my Rs 10 entry ticket. It's really that sad. A few shops here and there, most are still doing their interiors and on top of that there is a huge Neeru's store. In the night bazaar at Shilparamam! I just got so mad... how is this helping any artisan? And why is the government hell bent on ruining every good thing that Hyderabad has?

So that was my shopping spree yesterday that ended rather badly... what with the insane traffic and the endless driving!

I am headed for some more shopping today and hope that the day does not disappoint me...

Oh, i am off to Mumbai tomorrow. I am looking forward to that :D

What's your plan for the weekend?

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