Saturday 24 March 2012

Seriesly: Mad men's back!

Are you also waiting for Mad Men (Season 5) to begin?

You know i irritated Arundati by talking about it for hours on end, till she finally gave up and watched it. If you haven't watched Season 1-4 of Mad Men already, then you have to (or i will keep talking about it here on my blog and irritate you all!).

Mad Men is based on a set of crazy people who work in advertising in the 60s. In fact, it is not very different from what advertising is now. (the other A runs an ad agency, so i know!)

So we have Jon Ham, who is smokin' hot. And the women are not skinny, au contraire they are very curvy (so your body image will not take a thrashing). The set design and styling is fabulous and totally authentic looking. And then there is Christina Hendricks who plays Joan; she is THE babe, the one who can do anything nonchalantly and confidently... totally love her!

{Mad Men stuff posted previously on my blog - here, here and here. And the recipe for old-fashioned, Don Draper's regular cocktail, here}

{Jon Hamm's photo from Playboy, via A Cup of Jo}

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