Monday 5 March 2012

Power packed breakfast smoothie

Breakfast at home is different each day. I could of course eat bread everyday but the other A, he hates it. So we usually have either idli, dosa, upma, vada, pongal, pesarattu, poha or paratha, most of which require that we plan in advance and soak the lentils beforehand. And since it is summer, we have buttermilk every morning and it's the best part of the morning meal for me. Cold, light and refreshing.

I came across this banana and strawberry smoothie that i think would make for quick, nutritious breakfast for all you time-starved office-going people. I am going to get some strawberries and try this soon. We will of course have one of the usual suspects as well for breakfast but you can skip the entire rigmarole and just make yourself a smoothie.

{Here's where you can learn to add fruit goodness to kick-start your morning}

PS: I made some strawberry jam recently. It's quick and easy and yummy. 

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