Wednesday 7 March 2012

Paan Singh Tomar

We caught a late-night show of Paan Singh Tomar last night at a pretty lousy cinema close to home where they didn't switch on the AC, just the blower (made for a stale-stinky environment), the screen was too far and the audio crappy. Yet i enjoyed the movie which speaks volumes about Paan Singh Tomar.

Irrfan Khan plays the title role of a man employed in the army and an award-winning athlete whose circumstances force him to become a baaghi (rebel).

Irrfan's portrayal of PST is superb and he carries the film on his shoulders effortlessly. He is equally convincing as the sportsman as well as the dreaded baaghi. His deadpan humour and comic timing make for the much-needed light moments in the film.

Mahie Gill plays his wife brimming fire and brimstone, and manages to leave an impression even in a bit role.

The movie is directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia who has done a great job with the narrative, keeping your interested and entertained from the word go, yet keeping it real, in the way the movie looks and the characters look, dress and talk.

Go watch it. In a good cinema hall please. 

PS: I think Irrfan is smokin hot. I remember watching him in Rog in a cinema years ago and being completely mesmerized with his eyes. His eyes, they have a conversation with me. 

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