Thursday, 29 March 2012

Not sleeping enough, travelling long distance and moonlighting, and tripping

Insomnia: The last couple of days nights have been wretched.  I sleep late, wake up all woozy and then don't feel like doing much except going back to sleep (which doesn't happen).

Travelling long distance and moonlighting: I have been travelling to Hitec City everyday. That's about 15 kilometres one-way. I am, of course, having a tough time finding autos. Since i am so zoned out, i dont even consider driving. And why am i going there? I am working freelance for an e-learning company putting to use my rudimentary Spanish skills and getting better at it.

Tripping: I was so tired today, i could barely stand. So i decided to meet a friend, catch up and unwind. A bottle of beer and lots of old hindi film music worked its magic and here i am, typing away. And it's way past midnight. And i am not zoned out. Yay to friends, music and beer.

And now the explanation for the pic: Even though i don't think it needs one! I was listening to some of my fav songs and he featured in two of them. And i couldn't stop staring... he was such a looker, wasn't he? Smokin hot, totally. While listening to this, i was also hoping it would rain soon!

With all this busy-ness, i couldn't blog yesterday and most likely this will be my only post for the 29th. I also may not be able to post much until Monday (work tomorrow and family stuff for the next 4 days is going to keep my busy).

I hope you are having fun and missing me. :D

Take time to leave me a note and say hello.

Much love,

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