Friday 3 February 2012

Zara zara

Isn't this damask tee from Zara gorgeous? With an ikat kinda feel it is also super-fashionable.

For Rs. 1590 it's not really a steal, but then my friend Sangeeta who i met after 14 years in Delhi last month (she works for Victoria's Secret... yes, really, i am not making it up!) is married to a darling man who works at Zara (obviously i will get a discount, if i want to buy anything from Zara).

Should i get it then you think? The only problem i really dont like necklines that close to the neck and without a trial i am scared it's going to make me look fatter...

Zara doesn't have a store in Hyderabad yet, but for all those of you who live in Pune, Mumbai or Hyderabad you must visit their store, they have fabulous stuff (especially for the little ones).

Have you been to Zara already? Do share your shopping experience...

{Tee from the Zara website. The most gorgeous kidswear here.}

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