Saturday 4 February 2012

Travel bug

You know i love to travel. So i thought i should make a wishlist for the year and plan those trips and not just wait for trips to materialize out of the blue (that has not really gone badly either but i am a little bit of an organizing freak so i had to make that list).

I know i'd like to go to Goa again. But  i am game to go to Gokarna as well. (I can never say no to a beach vacation. I could live on the beach all my life, i think.)

I have been wanting to visit a lot of places in the northern part of India as well as the North-East. Sikkim. And then there is Manali, Auli and Dalhousie. And yes, Ladakh. Definitely Ladakh.

And Chennai to meet family that i haven't visited in a long while. And head to Kanyakumari from there to gape at their beuatiful carved temples.

And Pondicherry, so i can stay in a beautiful house that has antique wooden pillars with magenta supporters, a courtyard and a muraled wall.

And Europe. (But that's a long shot. A very pretty dream that just refuses to materialize.)

And a few towns in mana Andhra Pradesh (before it gets crazily divided).

So that's my wishlist for places i'd like to visit this year but if anything else comes my way i may not say no. (It's a bit on the longish side i know.)

Do you have a wishlist for the year too? Or you just wait and take it as it comes?

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