Saturday 4 February 2012

Focaccia bread on Cafe Fernando

I found this wonderful food blog called Cafe Fernando where i found a focaccia bread recipe that is eggless. Yay!

Unfortunately i will have to wait before i can bake this (the weekend is super-packed) but if you have some time on hand why don't you give this a shot. I am sure this will taste as awesome as it looks.

Also, check out the CF's brownies that wore lace for Dolce and Gabbana. Haute pâtée? (high fashion = haute couture, so i made this up, yes.)

Also, while you are visiting, check out the scrumptious Plum Galette. I promise, you will want to learn to bake as the PG looks divine (and the recipe is quite simple really).

Have an easy weekend, chill out with friends and do that one thing you have always wanted to but never did have the time. 

{Cenk of CF writes, bakes, and also shoots. Stay away from his portfolio if you are on a diet.}

PS: Check out the plates on the table, each different, each gorgeous. Makes me want to start my own collection. 

PPS: Do you bake? I love to, but i am never sure of the result every single time i attempt something and can't wait for it to cool so i can taste and be sure it's all good.

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