Wednesday 22 February 2012

Tagline wisdom and my first giveaway!

Anil Singhal, is one of the first few people i met through my blog. I generally don't interact much with the blogging community (it just didn't happen, but i would love to meet / interact with all the fabulous bloggers out there who inspire me and make my day with their posts). So when i asked Anil if he would like to contribute he was gung-ho and promptly sent me a post. Unfortunately i took quite sometime to post it. (Please don't ask how long, i am not going to answer that!) 

Anil Singhal is a free-lancer, self-taught photographer raised in Siliguri, West Bengal. He has a Masters in Science (Physics)  from IIT, Kanpur & a Masters in Microelectronics from IIT Bombay. He is an entrepreneur but is extremely passionate about photography. You can read his blog and see his photographs here. He also conducts photography workshops in his spare time. 

Presenting Anil's wisdom compiled from taglines. Enjoy!

Where do you want to go today? Wake up and drive to the happiest place on the earth? Celebrate the moments of life. Share moments and Share life. You will have The Perfect Experience. 

We live in a material world of branded stuff. And everyone's story is consummation of some brands in some order. Isn't it? 

We love to exercise our senses, don't we! In a days itinerary we would have used our five senses: Smell, Touch, Sight, Hear, Taste !  However, the prime sense that gets called in all of it is the "feel" factor. Some say its intuition or the sixth sense, but often it is the one that is most ignored. And yet, I believe is the only one that you should learn to care about. And you will be surprised how your choices through the other five are more rewarding, fulfilling and entertaining.

Just do it when it feels right. And then the road will never be the same. 

PS: How many brands did you find in there? Leave a comment with your findings and someone may just win something sweet (not like food, but something handcrafted and pretty) :D

PPS: Would you like to be a guest blogger here? Write to me then!

{Photo of the Raintree Park aka Malaysian Township that is featured above has been shot by Anil.}

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