Friday 27 January 2012

Skinny denims

I have just one pair of jeans. Ok, that's not really true. I wear only one of the several pairs i own. The rest just languish in the wardrobe and eat up valuable space.
(Am i the only one who does this?) 

So this one pair that i had been wearing / abusing were in a pretty dismal state and i needed at least one more that i love. Yamini needed to get a pair too. The pair of us headed to Levi's to try out their CurveId fit. And we were impressed.
(Go try! CurveId rocks. Or would you like to recommend something nicer to me?)

We both needed to get a size smaller than what we usually wear (what we usually wear is actually a size larger, perfect on the hips but loose on the waist).
(Do you face a similar problem with your chosen brand of denims as well?) 

While Yamini chose boot cuts, i chose skinny. I don't know what she got, but i needed Bold curve.
(i am loving the way it looks on me, making me look slimmer! Yay!! *GRIN* And yes, my denims look exactly like the one in the pic above!!)
(What style do you wear mostly - follow fashion trends and wear what's fashionable or do you have a specific jean fit that you almost always get?)

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PS: The best part of the shopping was that i did not have to pay anything! Thankies Yamu... I will think of you as often as i wear them which i know will be very often!

PPS: If you live in Hyderabad, then you must head to the Levi's store in Secunderabad, near Shopper's Stop. The girl there is extremely patient and super-helpful. 

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