Monday 26 December 2011

Fashion Harika-style

Here, in Naal, it's colder than ever. Reminding me of blue skies and sunny days that i spent in Goa twice this year. (Once and Twice)

Meet Harika, an ex-colleague from Kaya, a smart fashionista.  She has an amazing sense of style that is completely her own. Harika is gutsy and bold and forthright and can carry off almost everything with elan. I instantly fell in love with the way she has worn 3 bright colors - red, green and yellow in one outfit.
Of course, her yellow shoes are my favorite part of the ensemble. Here's the fashion breakdown for you:

Red - Madame's, Hyderabad - Rs. 900
Green - Delhi street - Rs 150
Yellow - Ginger @Splash - Rs. 250
Bag - Wednesday Flea Market Goa - Rs. 200

Total outfit - Rs 1500. Who says you have to spend a bomb to look like one?

PS: Would you like to share your style here. Send me an email to ambicasrimal@gmail.com, pronto.

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