Tuesday, 15 November 2011

So i am off

I am off for quite a long trip - about 3 weeks and i won't be able to blog or post anything for about 10 days for sure and since i am not carrying a laptop i don't think i will be able to post for 3 weeks maybe (i hope not!)

While you are reading this i am possibly in Agra or nearing it. I will be here for a few hours and then at about 8:00 PM i will hopefully catch a train to get to Bikaner. (As with all my trips, everything is last minute and though i did book an Agra - Bikaner ticket, my money is stuck in cyber space and i have really no idea what i am going to do.)

Why Bikaner? It's where my guru lives and conducts Vipassana meditation courses so i am going there to do that. From the evening of the 16th to the morning of the 26th, the Material Girl will take a vow of silence and look within / meditate. I am also going to stay for a week longer just because i really like the place.

The other A will join me there around the 5th (again a booking that went nuts so i still don't know) and from there the two of us will head to Delhi and a hill station thereabouts, which again i will decide on later.

Meanwhile, don't stop coming here. A few Several of my friends, bloggers and non-bloggers will be writing for you. I am sure you will continue to enjoy your visits here and leave a note for them.

Love, hugs and luck,
Ambica aka The Material Girl who Loves the Material World

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