Sunday 27 November 2011

Guest Post # 11 ~ Cheap and Cheerful Decor

Am back again! yup...Arundati... the easiest route for me is to post a recipe (I am a food blogger worth my salt). But having something better to share and the fact that the Material Girl is out of her silent zone, but not fully yet able to administer this blog (although she does have access to it and is watching over us all) made me want to share something i tried a few weeks ago. In a way it was inspired by this post of the Material Girl. I'd been seeing this assorted bottles with leaves and flowers decor idea across decor blogs for sometime now...also pinterest is full of them look at this, this, this and omg this

A walk in the community garden gave me a handful of marigolds, leaves and a few bunches of pink flowers. Stick them individually or together in bottles of your choice, half filled with water, arrange them on a table or a shelf in rows of 2-3 bunched together by pattern, texture or the kind of flowers in it...and that's it! you have yourself an attractive focal point at zero cost. no need to buy expensive cut flowers. If you do not have access to fresh flowers, try stems of leaves or dry flowers or twigs. Look around... there is much more stuff you can use than you think there is. 

I've been reluctant to throw out any glass bottles i can find, used perfume bottles have gorgeous shape, texture and design, medicine bottles (all those beautiful caramel coloured tints!), jars that had broken lids, shot glasses, glass bowls and plain old jam bottles. and i just hate the way in which bouquets are made here. flowers, greens bunched together, stems cut mercilessly and stuck into florists foam. i take them apart and use the flowers and fillers in bottles and vases or bowls. they look so much better, last longer and you have way too many flowers around the house. Try it soon!

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