Wednesday 9 November 2011

The easiest chocolate ice cream recipe ever?

I have been visiting David Lebovitz's web page off and on since the last few months to gawk at the food pictures. Uhmazing stuff going on there. Unfortunately i never did find a recipe i could use (ingredients not available / uses egg) till i found this chocolate ice cream recipe that's easy to make and needs few ingredients.

I don't have the bottle of bailey's liquor that the recipe needs but i will make this when i get one! But i am sure someone out there who is reading this blog has it, will make it and invite me over.

{Icecream image via DL. Click on link for a delicious evening}
{Thanks Yamini for sharing this exotic recipe site with me}

PS: Chocolate is my favorite only ice-cream flavor. This Sunday the other A and I celebrated the cooler weather by gorging on Baskin 31 Robbins. I think this is the best time to enjoy ice cream, just when winter begins to set in and there is refreshing nip in the air.

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