Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Ananda Buddha Vihara

Ananda Buddha Vihara 
This is a Buddhist monastery very close to home but plan to go always came to naught until yesterday.

It's right in the city but somehow as you near it the noise and din of the city seems to fade away. It's also on a hill top so there are plenty of stairs to climb. But there's the lovely view of the city that you can rest and feast your eyes on, when you get breathless on your climb up.

You reach the top and find a big idol of Buddha delivering a sermon. The entire hall is empty save a carpet.  You can sit and absorb the tranquility of the place or meditate or just walk around - there is no one to bother you or tell you what to do.

There's a pretty garden with another Buddha idol mid way up the hillock. It was locked but on our way down a little monk unlocked the gate to go pray so got to go in and sit for a bit too.

ABV is a really lovely tranquil spot i would love to go back to. Thanks Neeta for making this impromptu plan and taking me there.

{Inside the temple, Pray, City Lights - all pictures taken with an iPhone}

PS: Is the last pic spooky or am i just imagining it?

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