Monday 17 October 2011

Tara Flynn and Elle - Beautiful Fashion

So are we over the obsession with reed models already? Maybe not yet, but somewhere somebody did make a start. Elle featured Tara Flynn who is definitely plus-sized by modeling standards. Tara looks drop-dead gorgeous in every shot. Glamorous, cool, and ooh la la la sexy no matter what she's worn or not (yes, there is even a nude.)

Just goes to show if you are confident the way you are, you can carry off anything.  No, you don't really need a lip job, or chin job or boob job. When you feel beautiful it will show.

Go see. And be proud of you the way you are.

(This and more pics on Huffington Post. Must see. Must.)

PS : Am so glad Elle did what they did. Hopefully others in the fashion world will get over this obsession with plastick models.

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