Saturday 29 October 2011

The Metallica Concert - to be or not to be?

First off, i don't listen to metal. Heck, i don't even know which bands / artists are classified as Metal. And when Yamini booked tickets online for me and the other A, my first response was "What the heck will i do there?" I mean i don't even know what songs they have sung (yes, that bad, really). So she selects a CD (Master of Puppets) for me and says listen to it. I did. I din't really mind it and even enjoyed the title track. But it dint still motivate me to make a trip to Bangalore to watch them perform. Anyhow she convinced me with you have to experience a concert, feel the energy and all that and what with my never say never attitude i finally caved.

We have train tickets booked for this evening to Bangalore, and we are to return on Monday by flight. For 4 people. I have thankfully not booked / paid for accommodation yet. But looks like a lot of money is going to go down the drain. Not just for me, for a host of other people who have booked train / flight / bus tickets to go there and come back. Really sad state of affairs this.

Looks like it was all for nothing. With the Delhi concert having been cancelled apparently due to mismanagement by the or, the Bangalore one seems uncertain too. (Apparently, Metallica stopped playing half-way through a concert tour earlier, somewhere in India. Which is weird. Considering a load of other international singers / musicians have performed here without much todo, it does seem a tad silly, doesn't it?)

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