Saturday, 29 October 2011

The doily bowl

I am not really a trend follower. Fashions come and then go away eventually but you won't find me following them all religiously. But then, if something is hot, doesn't mean i wont be part of it at all.

Like for instance, this crochet doily fixation that seems to be so 'in' right now. I have been seeing so much of it on the Internet lately and without even realizing i fell in love with it.

So out came the mod podge, some cling film, a glass bowl, an old doily that i had, a brush and lots of newspaper.  3 days and several coats later i have a doily bowl that's just perfect for a candle or some shells or  to use as a plant holder.

PS: On the left is a glass jar filled with puffed rice and topped with a tea light. Texture and glow. Aint it pretty?

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