Friday 9 September 2011

A year now...

It's almost a year now since i quit my job, and i was feeling bad that i did not do all that i wanted to do. With that thought and the constant refrain from my family as someone who doesn't do anything for too long playing non-stop in my head - well, it's not been easy these last few days.

I went back to my bucket list  that i made on my phone, one crazy evening last November, and started to feel a lot better.

(Why am i boring you with my life history? It's actually just so that when people / things / i get myself down and start beating myself i can look at this and feel better. And am also hoping for you to share your thoughts with me on this.)

Coming back to what I wanted to do before I took the work sabbatical and what I have actually done:

1. Blog / write - Check
2. Paint - Check
(only if you count the two doodles i did on some colored paper)
3. Join dance class - Check
(Not only am i left-handed, i have two left feet too. I wanted to spend more time on this but because of time / money / mental constraints I have managed to join two dance workshops. Not bad.)
4. Learn photography - Check
(Well, I am still learning, but my dream of buying a better camera and learning to use a SLR is coming true. )
5. Learn to Photoshop - I have 20 days to start learning.
6. Have a sale - Check
(Aru and I went to BKK, got lots of stuff and we had a sale called Sugar n Spice, All things Nice.)
7. Art course - I still don't know if i want to do this and if yes, what specifically I want to learn)
8. Wear contacts - They expired, I think.
(I got two pairs of green colored contacts. I wore one pair out. But that was ages ago.)
9. Spanish Level 2 - I started but with all the travelling and family emergencies I just couldn't keep up.)
10. Block print - I will get to it, Bila.

And then there are things that i have been doing since forever, even if they have not been money-spinning ventures (does it only count when you make money / fame out of it? at least that's what most people i know think?)
  • cooking (cooking since 10 years now, and though i don't cook everyday, whenever i do, i completely enjoy it)
  • writing (off and on, but for a really long time now)
  • reading (from as long as i could read)
  • photographing (i click more pictures now than before, but i always did click a lot, only the camera has changed over the years)
  • shopping (since i earned my first salary when i was in class XI and gave tuitions. and i am quite a pro at it. if only i could make a career of it)
Ok, sorry about this really long post. I guess i needed to vent. And do go back up and read that poster I saw at Pinterest. It sums up, how i think i should live my life. 

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