Monday 19 September 2011

What's in a Chocolate?

My earliest memory of chocolate is getting a bar to eat everyday. My father would drop me to school on his Kinetic Honda and buy me a bar of chocolate on the way. For some reason, if the chocolate did not happen, then i would get an ice cream in the evening. Yes, i was spoilt rotten and plump always.

Cadbury Double DeckerHe would also buy my cousins and me all sorts of candies, toffees and ices and take us for rides. And dunk us in the small water tank and spray water on us. And since there were four of us cousins we would get taken out in turns. Our fondest childhood memories all revolve around Papa / Ashok mama / Baaji.

I have never stopped loving chocolate ever since. My favorite used to be Double Decker but it stopped being sold here a long time ago. Then there was Nutties, Crackle, Gems and Tiffins which were my other favorites.

[I see it's still available in London, so if you are coming here from there, please bring me a bar. And if you are in London, then eat one and tell me how it tastes. I will be very grateful.]

Orange Intense
Coming to my new favorite, the Lindt Intense Orange. On our way to Bangalore, I picked up a bar of at the airport. I am half way through the third bar already despite the fact that too much chocolate intake can give me a migraine.

So, what's your favorite chocolate? Or are you like my friend Bhargavi who just doesn't like chocolate.

If like me, you love chocolate, then rush to Rosa's ZOMG candy for reviews and ratings of all kinds of calorie filled goodies. 

Lindt image from the Lindt website.
Double Decker picture from the Cadburys website.

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