Friday 9 September 2011

Happy Onam

I look forward to visiting the Gods' Own Country when it's Onam - the Malayalee people's New Year.

And watch the snake boat race and a Kathakali performance. How elaborate are the costumes and the make up! How colorful and visually stunning. Let's hope I get to watch one soon...

Here's wishing my Mallu readers a Happy Onam and a joyful year. Here's wishing my non-Mallu readers a Happy Onam and a joyful year.

PS: Have you seen a Kathakali performance ever?
PPS: I know a few Malayalam words which the other A has taught me - Chechi, Cheta, Monna, and Vellum Adikyam. The last is the most important for all men on vacation. Actually for all people on vacation.

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