Friday, 30 September 2011

Mani Ratnam's Raavan

It's a movie i have long wanted to see but since the reviews were terrible, we never did go to the theatre to watch it.

What it's about: The eternal fight between good and evil. What's interesting is that good has shades of bad and bad has lots of goodness. Beera kidnaps Ragini, a police officer's wife in order to kill and avenge his sister's suicide that was brought on by the police. 

My 2 cents: The movie fails in its character sketches and you are not drawn in - i din't feel anything for any of the 3 main characters no matter what they were doing or experiencing. No fear, hatred, anger or sorrow (except when Jamuni dies). Off the 3 - ARB, AB, and Suriya - only ARB's Ragini is well sketched, the others are almost flat. AB's Raavan appears  silly-crazy not crazy-crazy, if you know what i am trying to say.

And yes, Raavan also made me understand why Ravi Kissen is so popular with the bhojpuri junta. His character manages to leave an impression.

Despite what i said earlier i'd recommend that you watch it. For the brilliant cinematography and the beautiful way the rugged Indian landscape has been portrayed. It's fabulous that way. Super-fabulous. Really beautiful. So beautiful that i can't get it out of my head. And then there is the music. That's sometimes soothing, sometimes haunting and sometimes enervating, and at all times awesome.

PS: I have a DVD, i don't know how, but i do. So if you want to borrow feel free to ask.


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