Tuesday 30 August 2011

When I painted terracotta pots

Aru's bday was around the corner so I got some terracotta pots, paints, stencils, brushes and sat down to paint. It was awesome to sit and do something constructive after a long while. Of course, lazy person that I am it took me more than a few months to get around to posting a picture. 

The first set of 5 (or was it 6) pots I spray painted in grey and silver using and stencils of words like love, joy, luck.

I painted another set of pots in different shades of grey with white and yellow patterns. It had been a really long time since I held a brush so my hands were shaking but at the end of it, I think it was giant leap for me.

I also painted a dozen pots in ombre, each a different shade of pink. No designs or embellishments there but they looked pretty, i think.

It was super comforting and very calming. If you are looking for a simple project to do, then go get yourself some pots and paint your way to happiness.


  1. i should post a pic of them with the plants soon... btw, why didnt i get the one with the spiral design?

  2. i was hoping you would. the one with spiral design got a fresh coat of paint and another design. the other A rejected.


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