Wednesday 24 August 2011

To the Zoo

I never thought a trip to the zoo would be so much fun for me. In fact, I think I enjoyed this trip more than my previous trips that our family made when we were kids. Despite the heavy rains that started half an hour into our visit, it was a good trip. (We saw most of the animals from afar, with the windows rolled up and the rain continually making visibility tougher. After about an hour of driving around we finally gave up, got some food, drove around a bit more and then left.) 

If you are a visitor to Hyderabad and the weather permits, do visit the Nehru Zoological Park. It's clean, the animals and birds are kept well (as well as they could be kept in an enclosed space) and it's a plastic free zone. Do carry some food because the restaurant in there has next to nothing. Oh, it's a lot of fun too. 



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