Saturday, 4 June 2011

Salman Khan's Ready

 Now, when the man is 47 do i go and fall in love with him. Call me mad. 

So we go catch the first day's second show of Ready
My parents, The other A's mother, his brother and wife 
and child and of course, Raam. Yeah, 9 of us.
The movie may be boring, pretty much so, 
but then did i really go to watch the movie? 
Just looking at him on screen was good enough.

Oh, btw, i dint realize the drinks and munchies were so cheap at CinePlanet.
Rs.15 for Popcorn and Rs. 10 for a bottle of water. 
I still can't get over it. :D


PS: Guess who's going to be on Smokin' Hot this Monday then?

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