Tuesday, 28 June 2011

On growing older, and maybe wiser

Whatever will be will be. 

So you quit a job you were great at. (ex-colleagues and ex-bosses said this often enough.  especially since they said it after i quit.)
Without a plan.
It's scary but then you get used to the fear.
Especially when you are doing this for the third time.

So in answer to a question i am often asked about how do i keep busy:
Enjoy the Internet.
Plan to travel.
Take pictures.
Think about tomorrow and make castles in the air.
Meet friends.
Plan some more.
Help people who need help.
Watch films.
Surf some more.

I know I will continue to write, take pictures, shop and travel. And despite the haziness about the tomorrow I am content today. And tomorrow when i grow old, I want to be fierce, just like this lady who wrote this post thinks.

What are your plans for life? And how did you end up where you are? Do share. I would love to know.

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