Thursday 30 June 2011

Maps are all over the place!

I have been noticing maps and globes everywhere on the Internet - envelopes, gift wraps, walls, tables, cushions. It's quite a trend internationally and you can see the Earth or a part of it in trendy homes around the world. So how can you bring your home up-to-date and be a trend setter in this part of the world? Here's some ideas you can use and do share with me if you end up trying something.

1. Framed maps on the wall, wall art that won't cost you the earth. Fantastic. (I am liking the tripod lamp. Raam, this one's for you.)
2. Surround your favorite picture with a map. Brilliant.
3. An entire wall papered with an antique map? A great idea but will require someone with a lot of guts to try it.

4. Get a globe, splice it into half. Fill it with potpourri or shells. Beautiful earth.
5. Get an old window frame, distress it and fill map pictures.
6. Get a map lamp from etsy. This one's gorgeous.
7. Just because I may lose my heart to Paris.
8. Envelopes from maps. Simple.
9. Gift wrap with a map. Simple. Sweet.
10. Another wallpaper. With a map of Paris. In black and white. Je veux.
11. Framed on the wall. With red furnishings.
12. Framed and hung. Yet so happy.
13. Cushion covers from the etsy shop of mybeardedpigeon. If you are too chicken to try anything dramatic then this is the simplest way to go mappy (map+happy).

Don't you think this is a lovely way to decorate the house, if you love travelling especially? 

Do you follow trends?  I guess we don't follow trends in home decor in general and we follow trends only when it comes to fashion + clothes + shoes + accessories. 

Would you try any of these map ideas in your home?

Have you seen any of these map in Indian homes anywhere? 
And here's some maps with words to go 
one, two, threefour, five, and this DIY that is interesting.


  1. Awesome! I particularly loved the maps with Paris in them... I left my heart there 3 years ago!

  2. Paris, can't wait is all I can say.


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