Thursday, 2 June 2011

Limited Edition Bags

Just fell in love with these bags. 
How can i not? Indian kitsch and super-styling. 

love the combination of prints and stripes.


between the two which one would you choose? pink and black checks. or black and white?

hot pink and embroidery too. super-sexy.

love quilting. love the shape and the color too...

and this... all i can say is i do love to save the best for the last. 


(i know a lot of people are scared of buying colored bags. 
my tip: don't over-match stuff. 
add more color to your wardrobe
and be a style diva. 
and a bag is the best accessory to add pizzazz to any outfit)


i love cloth bags. and more the colors, the better it is. 
and you? you like leather? or fabric bags? 

all pics from Limited Edition


  1. cloth bags are my first choice...and i love how the LE stuff is going viral.... love love love their stuff!

  2. tell me about it. it's so gorgeous! :D loving most of the designs. and it looks well finished.

  3. Love LE.....I am lucky to own a few of them and they are gorgeous.....the details and finishing are amazing....

  4. lucky you Rupa!! I hope to get lucky too.. :)


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