Saturday 18 June 2011

Baking and other things


In the midst or rather the beginning of baking a cupcake for Somak's birthday, I realize I don't have oil. Ow. Then i find that the baking powder tin is also empty. Bah. So while waiting for the neighborhood grocerywala to deliver the needed ingredients, I sit and blog. About baking naturally. :D

See Meghna Punater's blog called Arth and Nitya. She takes nice pictures, makes nice drawings and bakes clay to make pottery that's dreamy. Go see. And do tell me if you love this drawing of a dog from Meghna's blog.

Time to go bake now. Enjoy your weekend people. And if the experiment with cupcake goes well, i will post em pictures.

Pottery pictures from Arth and Nitya. via Freeda's blog (the Koo Koo n Kute lady i had blogged about earlier).

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