Tuesday 5 April 2011

Paisley Tuesday

Nabila, a dear old friend, is super-talented. She has a way with words, clicks fantastic pictures, cracks the craziest PJs, sings, belly-dances, makes stuff, and paints. Yes, totally talented. She sent me this paisley motifs that she did recently.

I just love the quirky touches and the simple designs. The one with the hearts and the one with the flowers are my favorites. She is thinking of getting it all printed on fabric or paper. I definitely want some for sure. 

I also saw these lovely wooden fridge magnets at D-Cube. When you like something, you notice it everywhere, I guess. :) 

I also like these paisley / non-paisley motifs I found here. Aren't they pretty? I especially love the last one on the first row... what do you think of it as a tattoo on my ankle. 

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