Tuesday 22 December 2009

This is it

Ok, enough ranting, crying and feeling sorry for myself. This blog is crying out to be more. For ever since i can remember i have made everything else but those concerning me 'top priority'. 

*Work is there but i am going to stop obsessing about it, well at least i will stop obsessing about it all the time and focus on other things. What other things? That my friends, is something that is still 'work in progress' but you will find out by and by.

*I had this job offer that popped in out of the blue, but i have decided now not to take it up because that is not what is in my scheme of things. I was considering it only for the moolah i could make, but methinks i should stop getting lured by the lucre and follow my heart. My heart definitely says no to this.

*I did up the Sunny Side Up office but did not post pictures. That will happen soon. Plus decor advice coming up soon.  

*In the coming days and the following year, i am going to try hard to change a lot of things. I am going to make sure that this blog is more. More of me, more on design, more on movies, more on style and a lot less on me. 

*What are the changes you want in your life? 

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