Saturday 21 November 2009

Sunny Side Up office redecoration update

Went to madina market, old city today to pick up fabric for curtains / cushions / sofa / softboard for the SSU office. Spent Rs 2000 and got more than what i needed at less than what i thought it would cost.
Need to buy a little bit more. Something green and something yellow.

Walls are painted. Blue looks great. Yellow does too. The green is not so pretty. The grey the worst of it. 

Tomorrow the cane sofa is being painted. Fingers crossed as that's grey too. Should i go for black?

Bought a cot and a bench, cheap of mango wood. Got them painted too - a red-pink color which looks yummy.

Tomorrow, place an order for cushions, find a tailor for the curtains, buy the green and yellow, meet a friend for lunch to lend my car for the weekend and probably stay over at a friend's place.

How was your day?

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