Friday 13 November 2009


This morning i woke up feeling a lot better than yesterday. I called up a friend to tell him that i will join him for lunch. Then i got a call from Pallo who wanted to know if i would like to go to bangkok for which i am always game but there are 2 things because of which i can't - money and my passport which is about to expire. Maybe, somewhere in India then, we decided. And i was thinking yesterday that i want to go somewhere... That was Coincidence no.1.

I am comtemplating putting down my papers.
Pallo is quitting her job and has put down her papers.
Another friend N, is thinking on the same lines
Another friend A has also almost done the same thing.
Yet another friend G who had come done to Hyderabad for a flying visit was serving her notice period.

Everyone in my circle of friends is going through the same phase - dissatisfied with our work lives, want to figure out what we want to do further down the line, spend some time with ourselves and do what we like doing. And everyone of these girls are extremely fabulous at what they do and are doing well at their jobs. Isn't it strange that all of us are feeling restless, disoriented, a little unhappy, don't have a POA or a job in our hands and we don't live in the same city (Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad). Stranger still it's happening in the same month. Maybe we are all closer than we think, twined together at some deeper level that we have yet to figure out or is it fate telling us to start something together?

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