Wednesday 21 October 2009

Friends at home

Last night, finally, Aru and Rajulu and Bagsi came home. 

We had planned and like all previous plans, this one looked all set to go awry.
Anand was going to work late, R and Ar had to a crisis to manage and it was bhai duj too. 
Not sure if it would happen, i net surfed until  4:30, slept for 2 hours.
Woke with the headache doubled, had a bath and started cooking.
I dint know what was there in the fridge... ouch!

Decided the menu, changed my mind, asked my mom, then aunt, decided, changed it again, finally made multi grain phulkas, aloo mutter in tomato gravy, whole moong dal, cucumber raita, veggie pulav, paneer and baby corn bhajiya and moong dal mustard wala. (the recipes will be in my crooking blog... some day... )
The grocery delivery boy had to make 4 trips to my house or was it 5? Sloppy me.

Many delays later, they came in at around 9ish. 
Everyone ooh-ed and aah-ed my newly redecorated green wall. Thank you. 
Aru made nice vodka cocktails. (I will buy an ice crusher soon Aru.)
We drank, talked, munched, shared design ideas, laughed.
My brothers came in pairs, got their foreheads applied with long red tikas, touched my feet, gave me money and scooted.
Then Anand came and made kahlua cocktails. The girls liked.
Aru got me pretty candles and some clothes hooks.
Anand and Rajulu talked shop again. 
Bagsi hyperventilated about going to work early next day.
We ended at 1:45 and despite two disprins, the headache still lingers today. :(
I still woke up feeling happy. :)
Did they?

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