Sunday 25 October 2009

All the Best!

Heeheeeeheeheeheehaahaahahaahaaaheehaahee :) :) ouch... (yeah, my stomach hurts)

All The Best, Ajay Devgan,Bipasha Basu,Fardeen Khan,Sanjay Dutt,Mugdha Godse,Mukesh Tiwari,Ashwini Kalsekar,Johny Lever,Sanjay Mishra,Vijay Patkar,Atul Parchure,Shereveer Vakil,Puneet Vashist,Subhash Pradhan,Shraddha Musale,Ashish R Mohan

Tough day at work followed by dinner at a cousins followed by a really really late night show of All the Best with Santosh and Chopi. Methinks it's a great way to round up your day. 

All the best is really loud, a little silly sometimes, very corny some of the times, filled with pj's throughout the time (me likey). It's too-bright and too-colourful in every frame and the flowers, you have to see it to believe it. But it's also a whole lot of fuuun. Plus, I think it was almost - squeaky clean so parents can take their kids along to watch it.

(I think hubby dear is convinced he wants to see it and hence, this evening i might go for a second see.)

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