Monday 18 February 2008

Jodha Akbar anyone?

We all have our reasons when we go to watch a film.

For some it's the actor, for some the director, for some the genre, while for some others it is the subject of the film. For me, most times its a compulsion. my family never relies on my judgement of a movie before deciding to watch one. simply because, there are very few movies i have not liked at all... maybe i can count the number with one hand! having said that, i will recommend Jodha Akbar! i saw the movie last night at anand theatre. a pretty old dilapidated relic of a time when the word multiplex did not even exist. even the tickets cost so less that you really dont feel like cribbing (except when you buy the tickets for 3 times the price in black). so despite the bad picture quality and me minus my spectacles i completely enjoyed the movie. why you should watch the movie? 1. the rajasthan rajput brigade says its fiction, not fact. what the heck? you can watch the news to see the facts (breaking news: amitabh bachchan has caught a cold). 2. hrithik looks like the dreamboat that he usually does. i still cant stop drooling. 3. the story is interesting - whether it is actually true or not. 4. the sets are gorgeous and so grand 5. the costumes even more so 6. the jewelry makes you want to go back in the past so you could be a princess. 7. everything looks real and not CG (computer generated). one of the grandest in terms of the fight scenes and all. 8. even aishwarya rai whose presence in a film is a deterrant to my watching it, could not spoil this movie for me. i am planning to watch it again in a multiplex so i can really really enjoy the movie. and i will try to remember to carry my glasses this time around!

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  1. Not to mention the anguish aish and hrithik were going thru while doing intimate scenes... they had the big B all over their mind, anyways nice writing style... matches your look and outlook... but its a pity that not every one can extend a hand of acquaintance to people like you...


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