Wednesday 14 March 2007

A Walk with Raam

[Rohit n I have been planning to do a morning walk thing since November sometime. Finally, Raam n I have started going for one]

 Date: March 13
Day: Tuesday
Time: 6:30 AM

 Phone rings. Actually, it just emits some sounds that are supposed to be music. No, it's not some idiot calling, it's the freaking phone alarming. Aargh... Time to wake up and go for that morning walk so Moturaam can become just Raam. "Raam, Wake up". "Raam". "Raam". "Raam". "Diu baby". "Motu". "Motu"."Raam, uth bey saale". "Abey Raam". I dint get off the bed, just lay there and screamed hoping it would rouse him from the depths of slumberoo. Predictably, there was no response. Snooze again. 10 minutes later, repeated the entire wake-up-motu episode again (still dint get off the bed). Predictably, there was no response. Unpredictably, he is not sleeping. Finally, Anand mumbles he is not sleeping, but in the loo.

6:45 in the morning this guy is in the loo and from the lack of response is probably sleeping.
6:58 AM He walks out off the loo. Shall we go for a walk? "Yes," he mumbles, "let me brush and then we will go." I get off the bed, run a comb through my dishevelled locks, wear my socks and shoes and I am good to go. Raam is still brushing teeth and getting ready for his first morning walk in Hyderabad.
7:05 AM He is not ready to go yet. I tell him I am waiting down and go hoping that will speeden him up. 3 minutes later he comes down and we set off.
7:05 AM, 30 seconds later, give or take a couple Pit Stop 1. My aunt's house down the road. Let's take their dog Goofy along too. But Goofy loves Raam. He will play with Raam for a while, jump with joy, bark a few barks, give a few hickys and goof. Raam, let's go. Chal na bey. Finally, the trio set off. Hurrrrah!
7:08 AM, 30 seconds later This leash is too narrow for a big dog like Goofy. It's not safe. Doesn't he have a chain? No, Yes, I don't know. Ok, Goofy is not geared for the walk so we turn around, leave him and finally go.
7:10 AM Raam tries to pick up a conversation. I mumble, respond with sign language and walk.
7: 11 AM Tries the same thing again. I respond like I did before.
7: 11 AM, 30 seconds later. Tries the same thing again. I respond like I did before.
 7:14 AM Nice house he says. My friend's, I say. Tu baat nahin karti. It's so boring if you won't talk. Apparently, motu wants a walkie-talkie. Someone who will gossip, talk, fight, entertain, share a joke, crack PJs and discuss life with him. Now, I can do one thing at a time and not multi-task (girls are generally supposed to be good at that one). So between gasping for breath (side effect of smoking, methinks), trying to veer Raam from laying his foot on dog poo, looking out for traffic and saving his ass, grunting out responses, I walk. Wait a minute - that is multi-tasking...
7:30 AM Signboard says 5:30 -6:30 free yoga classes. Raam, lets do that as well from tomorrow. Naah, 5:30 is unGodly. Ok, let's do 30 minutes 6:00-6:30. Ha ha.
7:35 AM Meet neighbor uncle on the way back. Says now I know why you are so slim. It's only day 1 and the benefits are showing already. :)
7:40 AM Goofy-time again.
7:45 AM Puff. Puff. Wheeze. Sweat. Sweat. Gasp. Puff. Half an hour of walking and we are done for the day. And Raam says Pallo is better company. Yeah, Pallo is in Bangalore. Go walk. Jackass.

 [Day 2 started 15 miutes later than Day 1 which is 7:20 AM... This time there is no screaming. Dialled his number from my mobile and spoke to him... felt too lazy to walk up to wake him but there is hope yet. Yoga classes too maybe... if not 30 mins maybe 15... a surya namaskar only say...]

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