Thursday 16 November 2006

Busier than before

With no office to go to, I find myself busier than ever with more things to do, places to go, people to meet, things to buy, books to read, movies to see, people to scrap, blogs to write... phew! Some people ask me what I have been doing while most generally assume that I am chillling out. I could answer - I have been shopping like a maniac - for myself and others, meeting family in between, cooking, cleaning, organizing, reorganizing, reading, watching movies, talking on the phone and irritating people, surfing, orkutting, researching stuff I want to know more about... or simply take the easier way out and supply the answer they are looking for (which is what I generally do)! It's past midnight and a whirlwind of activity has me feeling really tired... works so much easier... but then this is a whole lot of fun. A little tiresome, albeit fun. Wonder what I am going to do when I get tired of this...

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